About your Communications/PR guide.

Crystal Foster

Hey there! My name is Jake and I'm a little obsessed with removing waste in business.

It all started when I started my own business when I was 21 and in the real estate industry. 

I saw realtors going to networking groups, having coffees, and making 100's of phone calls...

...just to close one deal.

I thought; "Why don't I just buy the house from people and sell it myself?"

Remove the middle man.

Then I can outsource the advertising and the purchasing to people who are better than me. I'll just find the deals!

Since then I've owned 3 successful businesses and worked as the Director of Marketing for 3 award-winning marketing agencies.

Now I help folks spend their time in their business on 3 things...and 3 things ONLY.

  • Remove waste from their day.

  • Do revenue-generating activities.

  • Be accountable.

This is the formula I've seen others use over and over to work with purpose and create growth.


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