How do you measure success?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

God has planted a seed in each of us and that is what we’re gifted to do. We’ll be frustrated trying to be someone else.

It just won’t work!

We’re not meant to be great at what other people do, we’re made to be awesome at what we were made to do.

How can you know what’s real?

Look for the fruit of your labor and make sure you’re on track:

>Are you spending time with God and listening for guidance?

>Can people see the fruit in your life and what does that look like?

>Are you making it through times of brokenness to see the breakthrough?

>Are you surrounding yourself with people speak life into you or that lead you on a path of destruction?

A good sign is when we have inner peace even when life is challenging. That is Grace. We can do what’s considered impossible when we’re in Gods will.

Here’s the deal, success is measured in how we handle each small detail. We can’t get to the next level until be build the character we need along the way.

We still need to consistently look and make sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing. BUT look for the fruit not the fame.

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Have you been blessed by Blessed By Networking?  I’m excited to hear how you’ve been impacted.Please tell me about the fruit you’ve seen from your work. Let’s put these success stories together!

If you’re struggling reach out to us for help.

The great thing about networking with a purpose is that even if I can’t help you, most likely I know someone that can.

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