I need help.

Not like the call 911 kind.

Or the I'm in immediate danger of failing kind.

Just the, "I'm not used to all this, and could use a listening ear kind."

Am I the only one?

Of the many things our current physical isolation has taught me so far, this is the most pressing thing:

I need people to keep me accountable.

It's WAY easier when I work from home all day to do the following things:

  • goof off

  • play with my kids

  • clean something

  • organize something

  • do unimportant, busy work

  • stare out the window

  • take another walk

  • watch TV

  • play Playstation

  • stare at YouTube...or Facebook...or Instagram...or Twitter...or....well, you get it

But when I have someone to keep me accountable I actually get more done. WAY more! So if you haven't already got someone to keep you on task, I think you should try it.

Give it 2 weeks and see how it goes. Because that little nudge each day keeps you working on things that matter. It keeps you feeling upbeat and accomplished. It keeps you SANE 😜

Be focused, or be distracted - your choice!

If you want formalized help being accountable, I am holding 30 day accountability groups. Check out the video and explanation here if you are interested:


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