Why is networking so important?

At the root of every successful business you’ll find strong relationships.

Who wants to do business with someone they don’t trust?

Blessed By Networking is a group of people that value integrity. There are some things you don’t compromise on.

Heres are 3 networking tips and a brief guide:

1. Get to know people at events. Ask them about what they do and LISTEN. Show genuine interest. See who you would like to meet with in a quieter setting.

2. The LinkedIn App is especially handy for connecting quickly and it’s a great way to send a prompt follow up message. Thank someone that you enjoyed talking with.

3. Invite them to meet over coffee or a call. The real business happens at the 1 on 1 meeting. If you spend time listening to each other and see how you can work together it’s a win, win.

Quick Guide for a One on One Meeting 20 minutes - Ask the person you invited to meet to tell you all about them. 20 minutes - They now want to hear all about you. 20 minutes - Now how can we work together? Nothing influences people more than a referral from a trusted friend. So how are you doing with your networking?

What are your biggest networking struggles?

Reply to this email and let me know!

With Great Joy,

Anne Small


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