Why should I recommend you?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

When, I first started networking at the Lewisville Chamber as a financial planner in 2012 there were so many financial planners in the room! 

What could I possibly say within 30 seconds that would make people want to meet with me instead of the 5 other guys?

Really makes you think.. What do I have to offer and how do I get that message across?

Think about your thumbprint for a minute, you know that it’s different than everyone else.

What is it that makes you unique, just like the thumbprint?

Find that, embrace that and you have a niche.

If you’re not sure what it is ask the people that know you. You may be surprised.

I realized early on in my career that I cared about people. In fact, I noticed that I cared about people A LOT!

Relationship building was easy for me where other things in business were not. Some people criticized me where others thought it was great. I came to the conclusion that I am me. The choice was to embrace the qualities that made me different or attempt to hide them.

I had a lot of accomplishments but what I became known for was the person who took the time to make the referrals, connections, introductions - no strings attached. Who would have guessed that this girl with the finance degree would end up being known for networking?

You have to be true to yourself.

3 Ways to get noticed from your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Take a look at your LinkedIn profile right after your name. Is it a list of titles or does it tell people the problem you solve?

  2. For your summary, What results will people see if they hire you?

  3. Do you want people to reach out to you? Put your contact information at the end of the summary. Don’t wait till the bottom of the page. Make it easy for people to contact you.

Social Media is only one piece of the puzzle. What are you doing when you’re networking in person?

A few hints:

  • Put agendas aside and get to know people.

  • Build relationships.

  • Take note when they talk others talk about what they do. Is there someone you can refer to them?

Remember businesses are made of people and how you treat people is something they'll always remember.

Will they understand what you do so clearly that it will stick?

Do they say what they need?

Now this is a Biggy - Remember people will always pay to get out of their pain before they’ll pay for pleasure.

Personally, I am happy to give recommendations, in fact connecting people is what makes me tick. If you’re not sure of what makes you amazing let’s dive in and figure it out together.

If you do know you’re niche I am ready, reply so I know who to send your way.

Join us at one of our February Events, so you can practice!

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